Large Keepsake Storage Box-Keepsake Storage Crate-Keepsake Chest-55*35*28 cm

Large Keepsake Storage Box-Keepsake Storage Crate-Keepsake Chest-55*35*28 cm

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Product Description:

If you're looking for a large wooden storage solution for you keepsake or general household items, then you might want to consider this storage chest. Made of MDF that measures in at 8 mm (0.31 inches), this is one of the largest wooden boxes we could source from our suppliers. Shipping large chests and crates is a logistical challenge, which is why this one ships flat, but the generous interior storage space makes the minor assembly inconvenience well worth it. This box has a total approximate storage area of 3300 square inches-quite a bit when you consider that a  typical keepsake box barely cracks 1000. In fact, most keepsake boxes don't even come close to this figure. So if you have large keepsake storage needs, give this wooden chest some serious consideration and thought.

Product Attributes:

  • Made of wood (MDF)
  • The wood is 8mm thick, or 0.31 inches
  • The dimensions are 55*35*28 cm, or 21.7*13.8*11.02 inches
  • Total approximate interior storage space is 53,900 square cm, or 3300 square inches
  • Features a wood slat exterior aesthetic, rope carry handles, and silver colored hardware
  • Features a front padlock hasp
  • The perfect storage solution for larger keepsake items
  • Also great for general household storage 
  • Ships flat so some minor assembly may be required
  • Comes in unfinished wood: paint or stain it to your favorite color, or leave it bare with the beauty of natural wood


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